Flood Restoration

Water is the No. 1 enemy of your home’s structural safety and interior comfort. It’s easy for a flood to result in untold damage, but the faster you respond and call a trusted restoration service, the less long-term harm your home will suffer, and the lower the final bill will be.

Prestige Cleaning Service is the team you want on your side when faced with any type of water damage, whether it’s from deep, standing water or a simple, small leak. Ridding your home of water and cleaning up the mess is a big job, but to complete the project quickly and correctly also takes fast thinking and industry knowledge. That’s where our trained technicians can help.

Water Damage Hurts Your Home and Health

The first 24 to 48 hours after a flood are the most important. If the water is not removed, it continues to penetrate farther into your home, and the damage is not only superficial.

Flooding can lead directly to rot, threatening your home’s structural support system. Unaddressed moisture problems also can translate to mold growth. Mold and mildew affect a home’s stability, but even worse, breathing in these substances can make you and your family extremely ill.

Even if you’re handy, without the proper equipment and training, it’s impossible to fully clean up after a flood, especially if the water is contaminated. Catastrophes such as a sewer backup or toilet overflow are even more serious, calling for immediate professional intervention. If this happens to you, vacate the premises until they have been inspected by our professional team.

Call for Cleanup Help

As soon as we receive a request, we respond immediately and arrive at the scene with our specialized equipment to remove the standing water as quickly as possible. The next step is to initiate the drying process. This procedure will vary, based on the material that was damaged.

We remove all traces of dampness from carpets, upholstery, wood and more, ensuring no lingering moisture contributes to mold or mildew growth.

The Prestige Cleaning Service team will then sanitize the area and deodorize your living spaces, leaving your home clean, dry and with a nice, fresh scent.

For expert flood restoration and water damage services in Roosevelt, Utah, call Prestige Cleaning today. We’ll assess the project and give you a detailed estimate before work begins, then we’ll get to work, delivering results you wouldn’t think possible.